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Our Services

Coaching of Computer Languages
.NET & PHP Traning
Live Project Traning
Writing Your Research Project/paper

About Our Services

1. Coaching of Computer Languages

» c,c++

» java, advance java

» Object Oriented Programing Languages

» Database Management Systems

» .NET, Sql Server, PHP, Mysql

2. NET Traning

ASP Training is a set of connection application framework which enables a programmer to put together web sites and applications. Thus, ASP is a server side technology whereas .NET is a framework supporting many languages like Visual Basic (VB) and C – Sharp (C#).

» Microsoft .Net V3.5 Fundamentals

» Web Applications and Web Forms

» ASP.NET Server Controls

» Visual C# 2008 Fundamentals and OOPS Concept

» ADO.NET and Working with XML & SQL Server

» Web Application Security

» Application and State Management

» Caching

» Debugging and Tracing

» Personalization, User Profiles and Themes


3. PHP Traning

PHP is one of the most popular open source server-side scripting language used for producing web pages. It became very popular because it was one of the first server-side scripting languages which was embedded in HTML. PHP is being used in 20 million websites and over 1 million web servers. Popular softwares like Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal all use PHP.

» Software Engineering

» Web Programming

» Introduction to PHP


» PHP as a Scripting Language

» PHP Operators

» Overviwe of MVC Architecture

» Email Handling

» File Uploading

» Conditional Test, Events and Flows in PHP

4. Live Project Traning

Riddhi Edusoft provides Live Project Traning, and duration of 3 months. .NET & PHP tutorials cover a step by step understanding how PHP applications can be developed and implemented in a Live Project. This training enables a student to learn all the aspects of programming. This training is designed for students interested in building a career in .NET & PHP.

5. Writing Your Research Project/paper

Scope and objectives

The main objective of this program to guide the students/professionals who are beginning to do project work at master/ bachelor degree level or planning to publish their research papers through conferences or journals/books.

Intends to discuss the key concepts & techniques that involves in conducting Social Science Research

To familiarize the students/professionals with computer applications – Statistical Packages for Social Science (SPSS)

Duration of Course

Up to submitting project work or acceptance your drafted research paper during the study period for ISBN or ISSN publications.


Course Modules*




Research and the Research Problem


Abstract/Executive Summary


Statistics for non-statisticians

Information and How to Deal with It




Using SPSS for Data Analysis

Type of Research


Review of Literature


Basic knowledge of IBMSPSS

Nature of Research


Questionnaire Design


Conducting Various  Statistical Tests

Research Quality and Planning


Data Collection and Data       Analysis


First Draft of Research Work

Research Methods


Data Interpretation  and Results


Second Draft of Research Work

Research Ethics




Final Draft of Research Work and presentation its Power Point Presentation

Preparing Synopsis/proposal




Getting your Research Papers Published

* Refer information Booklet for in detail modules for study

Coaching Methodology

The teaching methodology consists of interactive classroom sessions with ICT intervention, thementic lectures and demonstrations, assignments, case studies, preparation and testing of questionnaire interview schedule, group exercises, report writing and presentations.

Who should register?

The students/professionals engaged with dissertation or research work

Pedagogy: The coaching methodology involves interactive classroom lectures, e-lectures, problem solving exercises based on real-life situations and case analysis as and when that deems fit in conducting research. Fellow participants would be given real life assignment to help them understanding and applying their research knowledge. Study materials will be provided containing the theory behind each type of research methodology during the sessions.

Registration Criteria and Fees Structure


Total classroom  Interactive Duration

Total online

interactive Duration



Mode of Payments

















Project Work





Research Paper





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